September 17, 2013

ay marieke fw'13 look book

Lest it seems like I have forgotten I had a blog, here I come again to talk about some more jewelry stuff (I promise a Marika-in-real-life style post soon, but this had to come first because frankly, it's the most interesting thing I've been working on and I am quite excited to finally share it!)

Effusive "I'd-like-to-thank-the-Academy"-style appreciation goes out to my friend Anja who photographed and helped manage so many details -big and small- for this project.  I feel so lucky to know someone as easygoing, smart, practical, funny/goofy, helpful and hugely talented as her.  Thanks also go to my lovely friends Angela and Amber (it was an 'A' sort of shoot) who modeled and did hair and makeup, respectively.  The finished result fulfills what I envisioned and I know it wouldn't have been possible without their capable, patient assistance.

Anja and I spent a long time over the past few months sending images back and forth to one another and dreaming up a dark, painterly concept to highlight the moody, mystic, heirloom-y qualities of my jewelry.  The primary influence is the Baroque-era oil paintings of Flemish and Danish masters, and right as we shot this we joked that it was just in the nick of time – this style seems to be of the Zeitgeist so if you like it, good news – you're about to see this style everywhere!  (Haha, but also not joking.)  That said, I am so incredibly happy with the result and I think it stands alone.

I so love old Romantic (as in era, not as in mood, but okay, also in terms of mood sometimes) style stuff and a challenge for me in terms of making and marketing my jewelry is the constant feeling that the design world is mindlessly cheering, "modernism! shapes! geometry! minimalism!" – beautiful stuff, but not my bag.  (Maybe it's my background in narrative writing that makes me want my jewelry to be slightly narrative, too.)  Anyways, long story short, it was a joy to do something that vibed so nicely with how I always want the world to look in my mind.

Everything about this whole endeavor – the materials and effort that went into the jewelry, the scope of details worked out long in advance for both the line and the look book – really challenged me, but I am very proud of where it has ended up.  I am very tired as I write this so I think I'll finish up with a meaningful quote that I came across in the flurried haze of website finessing tonight:

"I just want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares." -Saul Bass


  1. i have definitely been seeing that dark baroque imagery you speak of more and more ... you and your team have definitely set a high bar with your take! i love your look book and can't wait to buy a few pieces next year (i'm on a shopping ban currently, wah), most especially your eye ring which i love so much.

  2. Thank you, Allison! Really appreciate your kind words...